Improving the Order Receiving Process: Case Study: Ekmans AB (Management Project)

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The purpose of the thesis is to identify problems cooperating departments suffer from, create solutions and discover ways to successfully implement the changes. A case study of Ekmans AB has been conducted to accomplish this.

In today’s business world competition is fiercer than ever. New companies enter the market and new technologies and working methods are introduced which requires the companies to work proactively to foresee opportunities.

But even if the companies are aware of all these external factors, they also need to look internally to see what they can improve and make more efficient in order to stay competitive. Therefore, it is important for companies to be ready to change both structure and culture to be more efficient.

The method is based on a qualitative approach with semi-structured interviews. A total of 20 interviews were conducted. The interviewees possess different positions within the company, ranging from the top management down through the organizational hierarchy.

The study shows that problems can arise from miscommunication, outdated ways of handling order receiving and a poorly chosen organizational structure. To solve these problems companies has to realize the importance of change. When modification the organization a company has to take the organizational culture into consideration.

It is important that the employees feel that they are a part of the change instead of just seeing it from sideline. Moreover, the management has to make sure they are thoroughly in their work regarding change; they have to follow up each alteration to make sure that it is actually implemented. Moreover, standardization is the key for organizations wishing improve and become more efficient. The result of the study showed that it is first when these criterions are fulfilled that the company can expect to successfully implement changes.
Source: Jönköping University
Authors: Ahlén, Kristoffer | Benjaminsson, Erik | Hedegärd, Jesper

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