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Modelling the Emerging Pollutant Di-Clofenac With the Greater Model: Application to the Llobregat River Basin (Civil Project)

Water from the Llobregat is used to supply a significant part of the city of Barcelona. At the same time, 60 wastewater treatment plants discharge into this basin. Two field campaigns conducted in the Llobregat Catchment detected more than 80 pharmaceuticals in the water. Therefore, it is clear that water quality in Llobregat is a potential concern.

A GIS hydrology water quality model has been applied in order to predict the concentrations of one of the pharmaceuticals, diclofenac, in the catchment. Con-sumption, excretion, and degradation data has been studied to calibrate the model. This exercise proves that it is relatively straightforward to predict the concentrations of new and emerging contaminants at basin scale. Nonetheless, the limited and inaccurate available data was a relevant obstacle in this modelling process.
Source: KTH
Author: Aldekoa, Joana

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