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Redesigning Fire Suppression System for Safety (Mechanical Project)

This project is divided into two sub projects. Both of the projects are executed for Fogmaker, a company that specialises in designing and installing fire suppression systems in engine compartments. These projects are executed according to product development methods.

The first sub project described in this report is about designing a handle for the transportation of a 35kg weighing fire extinguisher. The handle functions as a safety seal and as a grip that makes it easier and safer to lift the fire extinguisher. A casted zinc T-handle is the best solution based on cost and AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) analysis. An FMECA (Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis) and a FEM (Finite Element Method) study have been performed to verify the design.

A zinc prototype of the safety handle has been manufactured and is ready for testing. It is expected that 10.000 handles will be produced every year once this prototype is approved by Fogmaker.

The second subproject concerns a connection hub placed on a pressurized bottle. In order to make the fire suppression system more reliable this component needs to be redesigned. An external company with the required expertise in hydraulic systems will develop the connection hub in cooperation with Fogmaker, based on the conceptual designs described in this report. An FMECA of the new connection hub concept proves this redesign increases the safety of the system.

The overlying subject of both of these projects is the safety of the fire suppression system. Thanks to the accomplishment of both project, the system has become safer and more reliable.
Source: Linnaeus University
Authors: Bisschop, Roeland | Fêdde, Zijlstra

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