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Basis and a Concept for a Paper Machine in a Laboratory Scale (Mechanical Project)

This project studies paper and what it is made of and different ways to manufacture it in a laboratory scale. It also contains a comparison of different ways to dry tissue and which method that suits a small laboratory tissue machine best.

A small paper machine was found at Metso in Karlstad that was used as a basis for the concept machine. Since the machine at Karlstad used pressing and a cylinder drying method that involves pressing an alternative method to dry the paper had to be chosen.

For drying tissue there are several methods like, infrared and through air drying. A comparison was made between those methods to find out which suited the specification best. The comparison shows that through air drying is the best drying method for the machine.
Source: Örebro University
Authors: Andersson, Mattias | Berneke, Anders

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