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Tracking Robot Using Ultrasonic Technology (Robotics/Mechanical Project)

This project describes the development of a robot that follows a transmitter within a chosen distance using ultrasonic technology. The purpose of the report is to investigate how the chosen distance affects the robots ability to react to changes in speed and direction.

Two ultrasonic modules are placed on the robot and a third one is used as a transmitter. The transmitter sends out a burst of ultrasonic sound that the modules on the robot detect. Each of the two modules on the robot calculates the distance to the transmitter and this data is then used to determine the transmitter’s position.

To allow a communication between the robot and the transmitter, they will be connected with a long wire. This is needed for the ultrasonic modules on the robot to start listening for a signal at the same time as the transmitter emits it. Two Arduino Unos are used to control the different components (one for the transmitter and one for the robot). This report describes the development process of the robot prototype and explains the theory behind the project. The results showed a relationship between the chosen distance and the robot’s performance.
Source: KTH
Authors: Jernström, Agnes | Zakardissnehf, Martin

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