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Automated Tests of Computer-based Interlocking Systems: Developing a Test Case Generator (Electronics/Computer Project)

Automated tests have become the most sought after method of testing in today’s market. Automating systems is generally found to be cheaper, faster and more reliable than manually operating them.

The aim of this paper is to present this recently developed tool and show how its use significantly reduces testing time, costs and workload compared to the manual tests used today. For this reason many companies decide to make the switch over to this inexpensive yet efficient way of testing, only to realize that their costs have in fact gone up.

The reasons for this could be poor planning, automating too much too soon or even automating unnecessary parts of the system. This study takes a closer look at the effects of automating tests used on interlocking systems. A tool has been developed as a part of the automated tests at Bombardier. The main function of the tool is to speed up the testing process by automatically generating test cases rather than having a worker write them down.
Source: KTH
Author:  Bakhiet, Mohammed

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