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A Single-Stage Grid Connected Inverter Topology for Solar PV Systems With Maximum Power Point Tracking (Electronics – IEEE Project)

This paper proposes a high performance, single-stage inverter topology for grid connected PV systems. The proposed configuration can not only boost the usually low photovoltaic (PV) array voltage, but can also Continue reading

Geometry-dependence of the adhesive strength of biomimetic, micropatterned surfaces (Mechanical Project)

Pressure sensitive adhesive surfaces are often inspired by nature. Miming the toe-surface of gecko, engineered surfaces made of thousands of micro-pillars show promising adhesive properties. This surfaces, covered with cylindrical pillars arranged into a pattern have adhesive properties greatly dependent on the Continue reading

Asynchronous Wrapper for Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Systems (Electrical/Electronics Project)

This project is investigating the new globally asynchronous locally synchronous (GALS) technology for integrated circuits. Different types of asynchronous wrappers are tested and a new wrapper design is presented. It also investigates the possibility to use Continue reading