Design and Implementation of a Module Generator for Low Power Multipliers (Electronics Project)

Multiplication is an important part of real-time system applications. Various hardware parallel multipliers used in such applications have been proposed. However, when the operand sizes of the multipliers and the process technology need to be changed, the Continue reading

The Leverage Buyout process in Private equity: theoretical exploration and comparison (Management Project)

The Private equity industry is receiving a lot of attention in the daily news. The Private equity firms are acquiring other companies through a Leverage buyout transaction (LBO). The ownership period is short with an average ownership of five to seven years. The business strategy of the PE firms is only focusing on Continue reading

Development and integration of a control system for flexible grippers (Computer/Robotics Project)

Various robotic grippers support or even replace human beings on particular tasks, for example, different industrial applications. However, in some cases complex tasks are required and specifications of the industrial gripper should be more advanced. The adjustment for Continue reading

Expansion on the Domestic Market for Fresh Products, A Freight Forwarder’s Perspective (Management Project)

Increasing competition on a global scale is forcing companies to rethink their strategies concerning their supply chains, launch new products and services, increase customer service oriented activities. When launching a new product on a new or an existing market it is crucial to Continue reading

Development of Database Support for Production of Doubled Haploids (Computer/Biomedical Project)

In this project relational and Lotus Notes database technology are evaluated with regard to their suitability in providing computer-based support in plant breeding in general and specifically in the production of doubled haploids. The two developed databases are compared based on Continue reading

Assessing the Total cost of ownership of ERP systems: Case study analysis on the factors behind customer costs in recent minor implementations (Management Project)

This study presents a model for calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of relatively small ERP implementations, including two years of running the system. The main factors affecting the cost items in the model are also analyzed, based in Continue reading

A Comparison of Circuit Implementations from a Security Perspective (Electrical Project)

In the late 90′s research showed that all circuit implementations were susceptible to power analysis and that this analysis could be used to extract secret information. Further research to counteract this new threat by adding Continue reading